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New products and investments

Development and implementation of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, improving material management and using renewable energy sources in the Polimarky company.

Project value

6 572 013,00 PLN

Value of Grant

668 048,83 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

Polimarky manufactures modified thermoplastic compounds which are mainly used in the production of cables and electrical wires. This activity is closely linked to the project in which we are developing a technology for the production of halogen-free compounds. They will be made of the so-called recyclate, i.e. plastics and other materials obtained from the secondary market (80% of the composition). As a result, cable coating of a high-class fire resistance and durability will be produced. The modified production process will make it possible to obtain clean, impurity-free raw material which will be additionally stabilised against ageing by means of special additives. For this purpose, we will use the results of previously conducted development work, and conduct further research (determination of critical working conditions of the material and testing of cables) in cooperation with R&D units. The project will bring about a significant expansion of Polimarky's product offer, as the Polish market lacks recyclates and recycling processes that produce raw materials with comparable characteristics. Under the project, the production line used in our plant to-date will be adapted and retrofitted, to introduce modern technological solutions and reduce the negative impact on the environment. That effect will be enhanced by the installation of photovoltaic panels at two of our production plants, with a capacity of 465 kW and 391 kW. The project will reduce the company's electricity demand by 0.81 GWh and CO2 emissions by 627.9 tons per year.
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