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New products and investments

Organization of a marina powered by renewable energy sources on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail



Project value

2 586 444,00 PLN

Value of Grant

1 471 960,00 PLN

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Innowacje w obszarze wód śródlądowych lub morskich

Project description

A modern marina, apart from being a safe berthing place for yachts, must also provide basic sanitary and waste disposal facilities, refuelling, drinking water, electricity, small repairs and leisure activities. Agnieszka Chorzela's project aims to set up such an inland port located on the Great Masurian Lakes trail on the shore of Lake Tajty. Eighteen vessels will be able to berth there. A professional marina will be constructed, and will include: a slip for launching boats, two shore piers as shore reinforcement, floating piers and accommodation infrastructure in the form of glamping tents (each tent with a bathroom, kitchen annex, hot tub and gazebo).

The project will allow sustainable management of natural resources, as the marina will be powered with energy obtained from RES, i.e. photovoltaic panels installed on floating piers. They will operate with increased efficiency due to the reflection of light from water. The panels will ensure energy self-sufficiency of the facility and help build a competitive advantage in the demanding market of water and inland tourism. Our customers will also be able to charge their batteries with “green” energy. The project will reduce CO2 emissions by 11 tons per year.

Importantly, floating piers have no rigid connection with the lake bottom, so they flexibly adapt to changes in the water surface, and can be installed on almost any body of water - regardless of differences in depth. This solution does not have a negative impact on surface and underground waters, and does not interfere with the ecosystem existing at the bottom of the reservoir.

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