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Competency development

Increasing the competitiveness of KYOJI sp.z o.o. through the implementation of innovative product and process solutions

Business partner

Ilder AS

Project value

839 475,00 PLN

Value of Grant

129 810,38 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Small Grants Schemes for female enterprises

Project description

The need for our project results from the diagnosed problems in examining the intensity of emotions and feelings in people with mental disorders (depression, bipolar disorder) and suffering from chronic diseases with permanent and severe pain. Kyoji has developed a device for recording the intensity and time of moods, behaviours and pain, which will improve communication between those patients and their doctors, therapists and caregivers. Registration takes place when the device is squeezed. The device has an internal memory, and it can send data wirelessly to the smartphone application. It is intended for use both at medical institutions including hospitals, palliative wards and hospices, and in home care. At present, the product baseline and small scale pilot production are available, and the aim of the project is to improve the device by adding functional features such as: wireless charging, a higher tightness class, higher mechanical strength and the ability to connect and transfer data to and from a medical facility/institution. To that end, the project will cover the construction of a measuring position with oscilloscope and true RMS multimeter; the purchase of software for designing electronic diagrams and 3d modeling, and a 3d printer. Technical consulting services will be contracted to develop and test the wireless charging technology and an IOT gate prototype. In addition, an RTV silicone production technology will be developed, as it will be needed for the silicone case of the device. Technical mentoring services will cover the areas of wireless charging and Bluetooth. Market analysis will also be prepared. The Norwegian partner, Ilder AS, is an IT services company which will delegate two experts to work on our project: the project coordinator who will be responsible for supervision over all the works and consultations in the technological area, and a technical expert who will be responsible for consultations in the field of embedded software, machine learning and Big Data.
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