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New products and investments

Implementing an innovative process of waste reduction in the form of processing of mixed scrap metal wastes including electronic wastes.

Project value

6 985 687,85 PLN

Value of Grant

727 306,55 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

The market of vehicle recycling, purchase of scrap metal and its processing into feedstock, in which we operate, has a great potential due to the current economic and social trends. It fits directly into the UE horizontal policy on environment protection - European Parliament and Council Directive 2000/53/WE on end-of life vehicles requires that 95% of the mass of the vehicle should be recycled. The project is about implementing a globally innovative process of the reduction of mixed-metal automotive waste, such as starters, alternators, electric engines etc., and other electronic waste. We are going to process and refine mixed-metal waste to obtain pure granule: 100% free from steel and 99% free from stainless steel. The new technological solution we have designed involves combining two technologies to obtain recycled metals purer than ever before, in the form of copper, aluminum and stainless steel granule. A technological line comprising new stainless steel separators will be purchased, and then the final products will be tested by a scientific unit. Implementing this technology will result in a 50-tone increase of processed and recycled metal waste in our company. Other environmental project results are decreasing CO2 emissions by 1,575 tones and reducing energy consumption by our company by 0,03 GW thanks to installing solar panels. After the project is completed, we will present its results – with the help of the Polish Automotive Recyclers Forum - to NBF, the corresponding recycling association in Norway.
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