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New products and investments

Implementing an innovative Granit-Pol production technology and launching the production of a national-level innovation: sound-absorbing granite slabs.

Project value

6 557 780,99 PLN

Value of Grant

595 661,18 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

Granit-Pol specialises in the production of tombstones and various granite elements: from granite slabs to furnishings and building stone products. The aim of the project is to implement our own technology of manufacturing decorative sound-absorbing granite slabs with the use of environmentally friendly technological solutions. This product will be installed primarily on public buildings, including cultural facilities, and infrastructural objects with high noise intensity, such as streets, tunnels, railway stations - wherever it is important to minimize noise or eliminate reverberation while maintaining a high level of aesthetics and durability. At the same time we will achieve an important goal of waste reduction as about 70% of the granite material processed by Granit-Pol to-date has been production waste. This waste will now be used for the production of decorative 3D micro-textured slabs with a perforated surface, which will have the unique functionality of sound absorption. The slab does not have to be perfectly smooth so it can be variously structured or engraved in any way desired by the customer for aesthetic or structural reasons. The annual weight of recycled waste will be 332 tonnes; we will also reduce annual CO2 emissions by 51.18 tonnes and save 0.06 GWh of electricity. The project will provide our company with adequate production space, optimise production costs and increase the quality of production. Thanks to the new product, our customer base will expand to include entities from the construction and interior finishing industries. The project includes the construction of a new production hall, the purchase of overhead cranes, a grinding machine and other stone processing equipment, as well as the purchase of the services of a research and development unit to improve the construction and functionality of acoustic panels.
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