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New products and investments

Implementing an innovative technology of corrosion protection in the production of steel structures.

Project value

8 426 730,00 PLN

Value of Grant

877 760,44 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

Buyers of steel structures exposed to environmental factors, such as industrial halls and warehouses, are looking for products that will not require refurbishment for as long as possible during their service life. The main factor affecting the service life of a structure is the reduction of oxidation of iron exposed to external agents, i.e. protection of the structure from corrosion. We have therefore developed an innovative corrosion protection process which will be implemented at our manufacturing plant. PSM METALLBAU will offer new steel structures with corrosion protection in the form of paint coatings with a minimum guarantee of 10 years. The project will also refine the existing technological process in terms of speed, waste reduction, material and energy intensity, and reduce the negative impact on the health and safety of employees. The activities planned under the project include the construction of a production hall with social rooms and the purchase of fixed assets necessary to implement the technology: a laser cutting machine, a painting chamber, a paint warehouse, a shot-blasting chamber, a tunnel furnace and compressors. We will also install photovoltaic panels. As a result of the project our company’s electricity demand will be reduced by 0.12 GWh per year and CO2 emissions - by 156.45 tons. The annual volume of production waste will be decreased by 25.41 tons. We will create eight new jobs.
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