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New products and investments

Implementing innovative services through the construction of new pro-ecological headquarters of BRAMY - SERWIS Dariusz Kaszkowiak, and the purchase of essential technical equipment

Project value

3 581 915,36 PLN

Value of Grant

305 276,28 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

We are one of the few companies in Poland to offer servicing automatic gates and regeneration of gate controllers in industrial plants, which involves the repair of broken gate parts and prolonging the life of existing gates. The aim of the project was to introduce new services of express repair of industrial gates and repair of high-speed gate controllers, which we combined with the construction of environmentally-friendly company headquarters. The new process allowed us to bring seriously damaged gates back into operation during the first service visit, and to reduce the amount of waste generated thanks to our original diagnostic method. It allows repair and re-use (95% repair efficiency) of controllers which before were treated as waste difficult to recycle. In the first year of the service operation, approximately 250 controllers will be reused, which corresponds to 750 kg of unproduced waste.

We are fully "green" in our new company house. Heating and cooling is provided by an air heat pump and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which are powered by electricity sourced from a 40 kW photovoltaic power plant. As a result, the annual reduction of CO2 emissions of our company will amount to 6.43 tons. We have planned to carry out an information campaign on renewable energy sources in the local community, including cooperation with educational institutions which will be offered guided tours of the premises and presentation of the new solutions.

The construction of the new headquarters has made us independent of the uncertainty associated with renting premises. We have increased our service capabilities, and a larger workshop for electronics workers now allows the repair of several controllers at the same time. It allows BRAMY-SERWIS to extend the scope of services by offering technical training for cooperating services. The project gave us an advantage over the competition in Poland as regards customers who require immediate repairs, we are also developing cooperation with service workshops throughout Europe.