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New products and investments

Implementation of low-waste and automated welding technology for metal details

Project value

3 616 077,00 PLN

Value of Grant

307 527,72 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

Metrol offers services for the production and processing of metal parts. The project responds to the customers' needs regarding the quality of the manufactured parts, and aims to reduce material and energy losses generated in the production process. The manual welding techniques used in our plant are burdened with a lack of repeatability and imprecision of human work, which result in unacceptable dimensional deviations and defects in welds qualifying the products for improvement or scrapping. Therefore, we intend to implement a low-waste automated technology for welding metal parts, based on the use of an original design of a robotic welding station, a unique welding algorithm developed in the course of development work and a system for heating welded elements. The project will result in the reduction of waste by 19 tonnes per year (77.6%), reduction of electricity consumption by 24.8% (0.03 GWh) and reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 58.6 tonnes. Precision of welding will be improved - dimensional deviation of metal parts will be reduced to a level not exceeding 0.3 mm. The project involves the construction of a production hall in which the automated welding station will be installed along with a system for heating workpieces. A PV installation will be purchased to power the new technological process. A scientific unit will be commissioned to perform metallographic tests and develop recommendations for welding parameters.
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