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New products and investments

The implementation by MOL ROMGUM of environmentally friendly technological solutions, including an innovative production process in the field of packaging rubber gaskets.

Business partner

Piotr Marek Nowak

Project value

12 539 551,00 PLN

Value of Grant

885 059,87 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

M.O.L. ROMGUM specializes in the production of rubber gaskets for sewage and water pipes approved for contact with drinking water. The aim of the project is to implement an innovative process of packaging gaskets of BL and DD type with the use of environmentally friendly technological solutions, which will optimise the production, packaging and materials management, improve product quality and delivery time.  The new process developed by our company will be based on nearly full automation of siliconisation and confectioning operations, which will include 4 automatic packaging machines and siliconizing modules. The technological solutions will be developed in cooperation with a Norwegian partner, Piotr Marek Nowak’s microenterprise specialising in industrial design, machine design and technical consultancy. Mr. Nowak will create and optimize prototypes of the innovative devices developed by MOL ROMGUM in the form of a silicone spray nozzle and grippers, perform research work in the selection of optimal materials and possible modifications of prototypes after a trial demonstration of the process. The project will result in improved waste management (reduced production of waste in the form of defective gaskets), increased efficiency of material management (a reduction in film and silicone consumption), and a reduction in CO2 emissions to the environment by 152.35 tons per annum. The latter will be achieved mainly through the purchase of a solar installation (218.96 kWp). Other purchases under the project will include a complete technological line for the production of new gaskets, and the construction of a production and warehouse hall. Also, R&D works will be commissioned to assess the repeatability of the application of the lubricant (silicone) on the gaskets and the stiffness of the tubes with packed gaskets.
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