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New products and investments

Implementing environmentally friendly technologies in PROTECH company on the basis of product and process innovations


PROTECH Sp. z o.o.

Project value

11 249 501,57 PLN

Value of Grant

950 475,10 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

The serious global air pollution resulted in a very strong tendency in Europe to limit the use of fossil fuel and promote heating systems that use renewable resources, such as biomass. The Protech project supports this trend by developing a new condensing pellet boiler with a capacity of 140 kW, the largest of the pellet boilers we produce. The new product will be intended to heat large buildings (such as schools, hospitals or supermarkets), and it will offer uniquely high energy efficiency (ca. 104%), compliant with the ECODESIGN EU directive. The project also covers R&D work to develop a globally innovative process of hybrid welding to be used in the boiler production process, which will also interoperate with the new robotisation process. To fuel these innovations we will install a 100 kWh solar power plant and compressors that will jointly reduce our energy consumption by 37,93 GWh per year. CO2 emissions will be reduced by significant 290,2 tons yearly. In addition, the project implementation will improve working conditions of our employees by reducing toxic welding fumes and making the air much cleaner in the production hall, plus it will bring about time and material savings in electrode wire and shield gas. To achieve that we are planning to purchase: development services, certification services, a spray painting robot, large and small elements welding robots, a laser fibre cutting machine, a lathe, a press brake, and an automatic warehouse for tubes and profiles.
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