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New products and investments

Marketing an innovative, monoproteinaceous, grain-free dog feed which prevents the occurrence of dilated cardiomyopathy.



Project value

11 400 132,00 PLN

Value of Grant

999 988,35 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Technologie przyjazne środowisku

Project description

BRAWO sells ready-made pet food. Under the project we launched our own pet food brand, offering dry and wet pet food. CardioBrawo is innovative monoprotein, grain-free feed for dogs which responds to the animal health problems appearing on the market with the growing use of monoprotein feeds. The new feed prevents the increasingly common worldwide problem of dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs - a heart disease resulting from a poor diet. In addition, both dry and wet versions of the our product are grain-free, so will not expose dogs to food allergies. They also contain ingredients and functional additives such as chondroitin, glucosamine, tocopherol acetate, as well as a mineral premix. This formula was developed in cooperation with a group of scientists from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and constitutes a solution that will contribute to preventing animal disease in the long term, and at the same time provide the dog with balanced food. The innovative technology for the production of this feed based on high-quality ingredients, and its functional nature position CardioBrawo in the superpremium pet food category.

The project covered the purchase of technological lines for the production of dry and wet pet food. The solutions adopted in the production technology will allow for low water use (about 150-180 kg of water per 1,000 kg of product). In addition, depending on the availability of raw material, animal protein in CardioBravo feed will be gradually replaced with insect protein. Insect production has a much lower impact on the environment than meat production. Deployment of the new technologies reduces CO2 emissions by 704 tons per year and energy consumption by 1.6 GWh as compared to traditional technologies. The project has create 14 new jobs, and we have filed a patent application to protect our right to exclusive use of the invention created under the project.