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New products and investments

Implementation of environmentally friendly technologies in Sztynort yacht port.



Business partner

InErgeo AS

Project value

10 691 160,00 PLN

Value of Grant

4 292 800,00 PLN

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Innowacje w obszarze wód śródlądowych lub morskich

Project description

A self-evident innovation choice in the tourism industry nowadays are stand-alone accommodation premises equipped with mobile facilities to reduce the involvement of service staff and the use of environmental resources. King Cross has acquired a yacht port in the Masurian town of Sztynort for its further adaptation to the needs of people who work remotely and wish to combine professional life with active leisure. The fleet of floating houses will allow larger groups to stay in one location with direct access to the training base.

The port infrastructure needs to be reconstructed to enable new services, respond to customer expectations and comply with environmental protection requirements. Our project will therefore include the revitalization of the existing sewage treatment plant, the purchase of floating houses and of sanitary containers with heat pumps, and the reconstruction of piers in the port of Sztynort.

The wastewater treatment plant will undergo revitalization in order to achieve efficiency gains, absorb increased volumes of wastewater and use more effective treatment processes at a reduced energy consumption. Also, the use of floating houses from prefabricated materials will have a positive impact on the environment, as damage caused by construction works and waste produced during installation will be avoided - this will help to keep intact both green areas and the landscape. The structures will be placed on a platform and equipped with heating systems for their use in winter, facilities for the reuse of greywater and solar installations.

The activities planned under the project will help to reduce CO2 emissions by 18.76 tons, energy consumption by 0.02 tons and the volume of generated waste by 0.24 tons per year.
The project will be implemented with a Norwegian partner, InErgeo AS, who will be responsible for improving the waste and wastewater management system through advice regarding the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants and the sludge disposal process.

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