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Competency development

Multidimensional process of hydro-engineering structure control which integrates data obtained from hydrographic, land surveying and photogrammetric measurements.

Project value

738 246,00 PLN

Value of Grant

77 946,79 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Small Grants Schemes for female enterprises

Project description

The services provided by ECHOGRAM support maritime transport, in particular by supervision of the safety of maritime and inland navigation, protection of the marine environment and maintenance of port areas and approach fairways. Our project responds to the changing requirements of owners and users of hydraulic structures and their inspectors as regards practical applications of bathymetric measurement results and their integration with research results from other disciplines. Our objective is to develop and launch a service for multidimensional control of hydraulic structures that integrates data obtained from hydrographic, geodetic and photogrammetric measurements. It will enable customers to effectively plan further expansions of their ports, ensure the safety of processes and infrastructure and the continuity of processes related to the flow of goods. It will also optimise the management of hydraulic structures and improve their safety, including the reduction of water pollution. In addition to the increased comprehensiveness and usability of this service, the cost for the customer will be lowered and the delivery time, as compared to standard services of this type, will be shortened. The service will be developed as a result of cooperation with a research and development unit and based on a comprehensive hydrographic survey system we are planning to purchase. The system consists of a 3D laser scanner and a drone, working with specialised software for: UAV data processing, hydrographic and geodetic data processing, as well as integration and presentation of hydrographic, geodetic and photogrammetric data.
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