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New products and investments

Launch of new/environmental packaging by Menos

Project value

9 064 106,68 PLN

Value of Grant

898 920,29 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

Menos specializes in the production of packaging of corrugated cardboard. Such packaging matches the current circular economy trends as the cardboard can be recycled several times. We wish to proceed down the ecological path and introduce two new types of packaging under the project. The first type is packaging coated with a barrier hydrophobic layer and can replace multi-layer packaging used in the food industry that include plastic and metal layers. The second type is packaging coated with a highly fire-resistant layer containing citric acid and sodium benzoate which are fully safe for the environment – that can be used in the furniture and chemical industries. Both types of packaging are easily recyclable thanks to the simple compositions, and will constitute good-value alternatives of good durability to packaging which is unrecyclable or difficult to recycle. These solutions were created by our own development team, and their efficiency has been tested by a research unit. To introduce the two products to the market, we need to purchase a dedicated production line and have a new storage hall constructed including a retention reservoir. The immediate environmental effect resulting from the introduction of energy-efficient production machines is expressed by the following indicators: CO2 emissions will be decreased by 147,57 tons yearly, and the energy consumption – by 0,18 GWh yearly. Moreover, the flow of paint in the new production line will operate in a closed circuit, which will generate a minimum amount of wastewater (the water used in the technological processes in our plant is filtered by a device designed under the previous edition of Norway Grants in Poland; after filtration it is reused for washing production machines).
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