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New products and investments

Strengthening the competitive potential of INOX-STEEL spółka cywilna Mariusz Gagatek, Sylwester Stalmach by implementing new production solutions

Project value

1 930 485,00 PLN

Value of Grant

201 086,70 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

INOX-STEEL which manufactures steel elements used in industry, construction, architecture, interior design and other sectors, faces customers’ expectations regarding complex production of conically bent elements which we cannot manufacture due to a lack of specialist equipment. At the same time, sheet metal forming is one of the most common processes carried out for industrial purposes, so the need to use subcontractors for those services results in decreased price attractiveness of our products and services, and the loss of some contracts in favour of our competitors. The aim of the project is to implement production solutions which will enable the company to provide new services of rolling profiles and sheets, including cones, and combine it with a reduction in operating costs. We plan to equip the production building with energy-efficient machinery: bending machines, a hydraulic press brake and guillotine shears with a variable cutting angle. These innovations will reduce energy consumption by 62.24 MWh per year and CO2 emissions by 48.13 tonnes of CO2 per year. We expect a significant increase in sales and expansion of the existing customer group.
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