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New products and investments

Offering a comprehensive, innovative and ecological regeneration service for turbochargers and DPF / FAP filters on the market.

Project value

2 647 280,00 PLN

Value of Grant

264 929,65 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

For 10 years we have specialized in the regeneration of turbocompressors for passenger cars, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery. The need for this project arises from the trends that are radically changing the turbocompressor regeneration market: miniaturization of elements (downsizing), increasing their speed, decreasing engine capacity, use of turbines for petrol engines, use of electronics to control the operation of turbocompressors and ever more common use of turbines with variable geometry. In the case of industrial components, repair is even more complicated. As a result, the existing repair methods are imperfect and often fail to maintain factory parameters. By combining the modern technological line, original diagnostic software, and development works of Tsi Bildeler -TSI Turboservice, the Norwegian partner of the project, Turbolmet will offer new quality regenerated devices with longer service life, as well as regeneration services of new types of turbocompressors. The project objective is also a better waste management (reduction of the amount of generated waste by nearly 3 tons per year) and reduction of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere (by over 10 tons per year). The project also covers installation of a photovoltaic system to increase productivity and energy efficiency of the regeneration process.
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