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New products and investments

A screwing set for the anchoring of light external constructions including overground photovoltaic constructions.

Project value

14 213 388,00 PLN

Value of Grant

942 149,65 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green industry innovation

Project description

PGB sells construction fasteners of various types. We have noticed that there are no solutions on the market that would allow the fastening of lightweight outdoor constructions without harmful interference in the ground. Such interference is required for installations such as larger photovoltaic panels. Our project will implement an innovative solution of a screwing kit made of durable plastic for anchoring lightweight outdoor constructions. It will act as a point foundation and transfer loads in order to provide a permanent connection to the ground for ground-mounted photovoltaic installations and other lightweight constructions, such as sheds, terraces and shelters. Under the project we will also implement an automated packaging system with a reduced need for raw material, i.e. cardboard. The new product is very environment friendly, as it guarantees minimum interference in the ground (no need to dig trenches and pour foundations). The construction of the set allows for stable foundation and precise height adjustment, ensuring ideal levelling. Our solution also makes it possible to erect temporary structures, where after dismantling/disassembly of the structure the ground remains intact and left in its original form. In addition, the innovative bolt structure provides for independent assembly of the foundation without the need for specialist equipment. At the same time, an energy-efficient and low-waste manufacturing process for the new product will be implemented in our plant, resulting in a reduction of the amount of waste produced annually by 24,87 tons and annual CO2 emissions by 197 tons.
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