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New products and investments

Increasing the company's competitiveness with the use of environmentally friendly technological solutions through the implementation of an innovative product, i.e. wemDeck ISD hatch - as a result of R&D works in Wemeco Poland sp. z o.o.


Wemeco Poland sp. z o.o.

Project value

5 193 675,00 PLN

Value of Grant

336 843,20 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Green Industry Innovation

Project description

Wemeco specializes in lot manufacturing of metal products for industry and road infrastructure, such as hatches, manholes or steps and stairs. Under the project we have implemented an original product innovation resulting from our own R&D work. It is the wemDeck ISD hatch to be used in roads and their shoulders, and parking areas. The innovative technological solutions applied in this new type of the overrun hatch apply to the supporting structure and the locking system. They have allowed a significant reduction of the hatch weight, its 100% tightness, increased safety of unlocking the hatch cover, and the possibility of unlocking by a user in the standing position. The product is targeted at European customers implementing projects in the lines of construction, road and sewage infrastructures, and untypical underground construction.

The project covered the purchase of a laser fiber cutter and a powder coating line which modernized the existing production line to enable the implementation of the new product. These machines bring a yearly reduction of electricity consumption of 0,52 GWh, which translates into lowering the plant’s energy demand by 52,04% - a huge energy efficiency achievement. CO2 emission has been reduced by 414 tons per year. Moreover, the completeness of the on-site production process which now includes paint coating very significantly lowers the cost and CO2 emissions  of transport logistics.

To the buyers of our the new product it offers a guarantee of quality and innovativeness, plus the important environmental benefits. We believe that in the near future the tracking of the carbon footprint will be a leading indicator in the choice of product suppliers.