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Competency development

Strengthening the competitiveness of ProM Dagmara Lech through the development and implementation of an innovative product


ProM Dagmara Lech

Project value

200 000,00 PLN

Value of Grant

39 601,19 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Small Grants Scheme for female enterprises

Project description

Children with food, contact and inhalant allergies experience exclusion associated with many every-day limitations, such as not being able to have pets or to eat a cake and most snacks at their peers' birthday parties. As a mother of such children, I have seen the need to educate both allergy sufferers and people around them. Under the project we created an application containing five educational games for children with various allergies, named “Alek na tropie alergii” - Alek on the trail of allergy. It filled a niche on the Polish market which had lacked applications for children with allergies that would combine educational and cognitive features with an attractive game-like formula. The project covered consulting services of the app development and implementation, the purchase of IT equipment, and business mentoring.

The application is designed for children up to 10 years of age, who in particular are in need of self-acceptance and acceptance of the difficulties associated with their allergies, and who need to learn how to avoid the dangers associated with allergies and take care of themselves.  It supports the acceptance of burdensome situations associated with having an allergy by allowing children to identify with a selected character who also suffers from allergies and has dietary restrictions or has to undergo various treatments or medications. The app also aims to support parents in explaining to their children why allergens should be avoided and how dangerous they can be (e.g. due to the risk of an anaphylactic shock). Another long-term effect of the project implementation is the projected increase in social awareness related to the risks generated by allergies, and in the public’s sensitivity to the discomfort that allergy sufferers experience.

The application is available free of charge at and in Google Play shop. It gains profit from advertisements - this model is the most effective financially, as well as justified by the educational and social effect of the product, allowing universal access to it. Further promotional activities will be conducted in social media to multiply users and allow work on further development of the app.