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Competency development

Increasing the competitiveness of Agnieszka Nowińska's company by developing and implementing an innovative service for the dental industry

Project value

696 300,00 PLN

Value of Grant

95 500,61 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Small Grants Schemes for female enterprises

Project description

Fear of treatment is one of the main obstacles preventing elderly people from going to the dentist. It most often results from the patient's bad experiences and a lack of basic knowledge of dental procedures. The main objective of the project is to develop an innovative One Day Visit (ODV) service for teeth restoration correlated with a dedicated e-Stomatology platform. The traditional method of producing a denture requires around four visits to a specialised surgery, and can take up to a month. It is a big effort for elderly people. That is why I have developed the concept of a service that will only educate the patients about the course of treatment, but will also enable remote consultations and shortening of the treatment even to one visit (one day in the surgery). To that end modern technologies, such as energy-saving equipment, computed tomography, 3D printing and modern dental techniques will be used. The project consists of developing an innovative service, testing it and implementation with the support of the Norwegian partner - VIKINGONE TO-GET-THERE company. The Partner will be responsible for the following activities: design preaudit of the new service; design of the One Day Visit service connected to the e-platform; creation of the platform prototype; performance and scalability tests of the platform. I will also personally benefit from the business and design experience of the Partner through least 50 hours of mentoring.
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