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New products and investments

Improving WTW's competitiveness by introducing new Kaplan turbines for high flow conditions

Project value

4 150 512,00 PLN

Value of Grant

541 151,46 EUR

The name of the operational program

Norway Grants

Measure/ Grant scheme

Blue growth

Project description

We design and manufacture water turbines used in inland waters, and we manufacture mechanical and electrical equipment for small hydroelectric power plants. The project idea came from our clients, owners of the hydroelectric plants, who voiced their needs unmet by what is now offered in the market. They pointed at restrictions in the height of river drops and insufficient technical parametres which lower the volumes of energy produced and prolong the time of return from investment. This project addresses the above-mentioned limitations and fits into the growing demand for small hydroelectric power plants which results from convenient locations, numerous investment incentives and the guaranteed energy prices. We will introduce to the market new S- and Z-type Kaplan turbines for swells of 12 and 24 meters (higher than offered by any of the Polish producers), which will be used in small hydroelectric power plants. The competitive technological advantages of our new turbines will be the highest hydraulic efficiency and specific speed in the domestic market, accompanied by a lower cavitation index. This will reduce the costs of investment in small hydroelectric power plants by 5%, and prolong the turbine life by 2-3 years. The more efficient production processes introduced as a result of the project will additionally lower the energy consumption of our production plant (by 8.2 MWh) and CO2 emission (by 6.35 tons). The project consists in R&D works, construction of a production hall and purchase of production machines.
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