9 lipca 2021

Nearly EUR 12 million more for green companies

Given the wide interest of applicants in “Business Development and Innovation” programme as part of Norway Grants, a decision has been made to increase allocation in the Green Industry Innovation scheme. The total amount of funding shall be increased by nearly EUR 12 million, and shall ultimately amount to almost EUR 62 million. 85% of additional funding comes from the Donor, the Kingdom of Norway, and the remaining 15% - from national resources.

Under the Green Industry Innovation scheme entrepreneurs submitted a total of 219 applications. Originally, the available budget (EUR 50 million) was sufficient to fund 78 projects , while other 45 positively assessed applications had to stay on a reserve list. The Donor’s decision earmarked additional EUR 11,76 million to finance a significant number of projects from the reserve list. PARP, in cooperation with the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and Donors, has already taken steps to launch the process of signing contracts with those applicants.

The list of projects recommended for financing within the new allocation will be published soon. 

– The decision to allocate additional funds is a very good news mainly for entrepreneurs from the reserve list, but at the same time we perceive it as a consequence of the Donor’s positive assessment of the way PARP (as Programme Operator) implements and manages the  “Business Development and Innovation” programme. Thank you for your trust – said Marcin Czyża, Deputy CEO in PARP.

The aim of the programme carried out in collaboration with the Donor’s representative – Innovation Norway agency, is to improve the competitiveness of Polish small and medium-sized enterprises by supporting the development and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions, processes and services. The aim of the programme is also to strengthen cooperation between Polish and Norwegian companies.

The lists of projects recommended for support to-date under the four grant schemes of the Programme are published on the PARP website.

More information can be found on: www.parp.gov.pl/funduszenorweskie and www.eog.gov.pl.


The Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the EEA Financial Mechanism are the forms of non-returnable foreign aid granted to several countries from Central and Southern Europe and to Baltic countries. The Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy – as a National Contact Point – is responsible for the coordination of the implementation of so-called Norway and EEA Grants in Poland. It cooperates with the Financial Mechanisms Office in Brussels. Certain programmes of the 3rd edition of the Grants are implemented by Polish public institutions as Programme Operators (e.g. PARP). The only exceptions, similarly to the previous editions of the Grants, are “Civil society” and “Social dialogue – decent work” areas that are managed by donors (respectively by the Financial Mechanisms Office in Brussels and Innovation Norway).

Euro exchange rate for calculations is the average NBP exchange rate of the day of the competition announcement: EUR 1 = PLN 4.2928.



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