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27 March 2024

Projects created to support seniors, funded by the Norwegian Funds

In recent years in Poland, there has been a noticeable process of aging within the society, accompanied by a systematic increase in the proportion of elderly individuals in the population. According to the report “Situation of Older People in Poland in 2022” by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), at the end of 2022, the number of people aged 60 and older reached 9.8 million, representing a 0.7% increase compared to the previous year. Female business owners received funding for projects aimed at improving the quality of life, particularly for older individuals. These funds were provided through the “Small Grants Scheme for Entrepreneurial Women,” coordinated by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021.

The GUS report also indicates that the proportion of older people in the population of Polish residents has reached 25.9%. By the year 2060, Poland is projected to be home to 11.9 million individuals aged 60 and above, which is 21% more than in 2022, constituting 38.3% of the total population

As our population ages, senior policy assumes critical significance. It is imperative to acknowledge that older individuals have distinct needs and limitations. Among the primary challenges is ensuring their access to medical services, preventive care, treatment, and rehabilitation. The market is witnessing a surge in innovative solutions designed to assist seniors in their daily lives while taking into account their specific requirements.

Entrepreneurial Women Pioneering Innovative Solutions for Seniors

One of the beneficiaries of the “Small Grants Scheme for Entrepreneurial Women” was the company Kinga Grzech-Leśniak Specjalistyczne Centrum Stomatologiczne PERIOCARE. They received nearly 180,000 euros in funding for the project titled “Development of Innovative Services in the Treatment of Periodontal Diseases and Laser Therapy for Older Individuals”. Periodontal diseases, along with tooth decay, rank among the most common causes of premature tooth loss. Many patients suffer from bleeding gums, exposed roots, or loose teeth. However, not everyone recognizes these symptoms as signs of gum inflammation, which tends to worsen with age.

The project’s objectives included establishing and implementing innovative procedures for bone reconstruction using non-invasive digital design techniques in the treatment of older individuals. Additionally, laser light was harnessed for treating and regenerating patients in gerostomatology. This encompassed mucosal treatment for patients after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, pain management, and acceleration of wound healing. Furthermore, the project facilitated the development of new protocols for dental and general medical procedures, supporting conditions such as asthma therapy, rheumatoid arthritis, wound care in diabetes, migraines, and mood disorders. To enhance their capabilities, the project also involved the acquisition of modern medical equipment, including digital tomography, intraoral scanners, a 3D printer, and a laser bed.

The opportunity for individuals to regain their former mobility after hip or knee joint replacement surgery lies in comprehensive rehabilitation. HUMANUS CENTRUM REHABILITACJI HALINA PROTASIEWICZ-FAŁDOWSKA, a company specializing in rehabilitation services, has introduced a unique post-hospitalization rehabilitation program for individuals aged 50 and above. This program spans 12 weeks following the surgical procedure and focuses on restoring proper posture, reducing pain, preventing falls, and stimulating tissue regeneration.

The acceleration of reparative processes in damaged structures during surgery will be carried out using state-of-the-art medical equipment available worldwide. This includes a comprehensive therapeutic system consisting of a high-energy laser and modules for cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and contrast therapy. Additionally, there will be a device generating focused shockwaves and a dynamometric platform for balance training and postural reeducation on stable and unstable surfaces. Beyond equipment acquisition, the project involves collaboration with a medical research unit. This collaboration facilitated the development of the new service, patient testing, and the formulation of a market strategy for its implementation, along with facility adaptation.

The beneficiary of the Norwegian Funds is also the company Design Team, which created an innovative product called the “Torba Borba” – an eco-friendly cart with an electric drive that assists older people in shopping. The project was carried out in partnership with the Norwegian company MGMT AS. The intended recipients of this project, whose quality of life will improve, are older individuals. Additionally, the product can be used by people with disabilities (for example, those who walk with a cane or crutches can utilize the Torba Borba as a walker). Apart from seniors, the product is aimed at their families, foundations, nursing homes, and retail networks as a senior-friendly cart. The Design Team received support amounting to 850,000 PLN, which enabled them to create the final bag design, manufacture it, and test it in Norway’s senior centers and stores. The Torba Borba can carry even 12-kilogram groceries, and its electric motor assists in overcoming obstacles and climbing stairs. Furthermore, the bag has an adjustable height, eliminating the need for users to bend down when taking items in and out.

One of the biggest market sins towards mature consumers is that marketing strategies and commercial information are not tailored to the needs arising from advanced age. Through their language, packaging design, user manual creation, or access channels, they exclude individuals aged 60+ who might potentially be interested. Simplicare has developed the SilverCustom service. It involves creating a toolkit for testing products, which includes software for prototyping tested products, applications, and interfaces for senior clients. Geriatric coveralls allow the testing of products, applications, and interfaces with consideration for the limitations of older individuals. Additionally, focused research on a user group in the senior age range enables testing of products, services, or applications. Furthermore, a team of experts conducts tests and prototyping (implementing changes) in the tested products, services, and applications, along with the service of creating marketing strategy assumptions for senior clients. The company received nearly 140,000 euros.

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