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IT/ICT Sector in Poland

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No modern industry can be competitive without IT solutions. Most successful economies share a common trait – innovation combined with high efficiency. The latter results from digitization and automation of production and business processes, a phenomenon often referred to as the Industry 4.0.

Information technology improves existing processes, but may also open up paths to completely new business ventures – such as the constantly growing e-commerce sector or services provided with the use of mobile devices.

All studies show that the global demand for IT equipment and services will continue to grow. Polish manufacturers of IT equipment and extremely talented programmers meet these growing expectations. They are increasingly confident on foreign markets and are successful in convincing partners to establish long-term business relationships. They are ever more effective in building their own brand and image as being able to carry out even the most challenging contracts.

This comes as no surprise, since companies from the IT/ICT sector are currently the most innovative in the country – they are responsible for 90% of the Research and Development (R&D) expenditure increase in the enterprise sector. Computer science is also one of the faculties most frequently chosen by young people in Poland. The long history of the Polish IT/ICT industry – tracing its roots over 70 years back – also translates into expertise which pays off every coming year.

This publication aims to broaden the knowledge about Polish IT/ICT sector, provide you with basic facts and figures and answer why it pays off to cooperate with Polish partners.

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