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Survey Report: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Poland 2022

Rodzaj publikacji: Raport

Rok wydania: 2022

Język: EN

ISBN: 978-83-7633-484-4

Wydawca: Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości


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We present you with the 11th edition of the GEM Poland Report, which provides the picture of entrepreneurship in Poland against the background of countries of Europe and other parts of the world in the second year of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Report contains key data showing the evolution of the Polish society’s perception of entrepreneurs, changes in Poles’ entrepreneurial intentions and actual business activity, as well as motivations that prompted people to start or withdraw from running a business. We cite the results of experts’ assessment of the conditions for starting a business. The chapter on women and men’s entrepreneurship is enriched with an assessment of the conditions for women’s entrepreneurship. In addition, we have included data to answer questions such as whether the pandemic accelerated digital transformation of businesses and what attitudes they adopted towards concepts like sustainability and social responsibility. Start-ups have a permanent place in the Report as well, with the final chapter dedicated to them.

We warmly invite you to read the Report!

Spis treści

Key takeaways from the 2022 GEM Poland Report

1.About the GEM study

2.Entrepreneurship in Poland in the second year of the pandemic

2.1. Perception of entrepreneurship by Poles

2.2. Poles on their area of expertise, own skills and plans pertaining to setting up a business

2.3. Level of entrepreneurial activity

2.4. Motivation to start a business activity

2.5. Aspiration of young enterprises to grow through job creation

2.6. Internationalisation

2.7. Entrepreneurial activity of men and women

2.8. Intrapreneurship

2.9. Attitudes of enterprises towards sustainability and social responsibility

2.10. Impact of the pandemic on the digitalisation of businesses

3.Determinants of entrepreneurial development

3.1. Start-up opportunities

3.2. Public policy and support

3.3. Research and development, transfer of knowledge and technology

3.4. Social and cultural norms

3.5. National Entrepreneurship Context Index (NECI)

3.6. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship and government policy

3.7. Women’s entrepreneurship

3.8. Conclusions

4.Special topic – Start-ups in Poland in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic

4.1. Methodological assumptions

4.2. Characteristics of individuals and their undertakings before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

4.3. Factors and barriers to the development of young enterprises

4.4. Start-ups and the COVID-19 pandemic

4.5. Expert assessment of determinants for the development of start-ups

4.6. Conclusions

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