Mazowieckie Voivodship

1. Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Coordinator (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości)

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) is a government agency  subordinated to the Minister of Economy that has been supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Poland for over the last 15 years. The objective of PARP is to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland, i.e. establishment of new companies, improvement of qualifications and increase in capacity, strengthening of the competitive position based on innovation and modern technologies, creating a business-friendly environment and providing appropriate conditions for conducting business activity. While performing its activities supporting entrepreneurs PARP also provides assistance and support to business environment institutions using the funds from the state budget and the European Union funds. The Agency actively supports clusters’ development rearranging groups of enterprises in dynamic structures with high level of competitiveness and cooperation, interactions and external efforts.

Both before and after the accession of Poland to the European Union, PARP has provided support, training, advisory support and information to entrepreneurs. Until 2015 PARP has remained responsible for the implementation of measures under three operational programmes (Innovative Economy, Human Capital and Development of Eastern Poland), and actively participates in developing the assumptions for support schemes under the 2014-2020 financial perspective, within three Operation Programmes: OP Smart Growth, OP Eastern Poland and OP Knowledge Education Development.

The assistance provided by the Agency lets the entrepreneurs – both those who are only starting their business and those with a well-grounded position on the market – develop research and innovative activities and extend their operation both locally - by making use of the Internet or listing on the stock exchange, and internationally - by developing export potential.


e-mail: coordinator_cpbsn (at)
tel.: +48 22 432 71 02
address: ul. Pańska 81/83, 00-834 Warsaw
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2. University of Warsaw (Digital Economy Lab Uniwersytet Warszawski) 

Founded in 1816 the University of Warsaw (UW) is nowadays the largest one of the leading higher education establishments in Poland. UW employs about 3,250 teaching and research staff at high levels of expertise in many fields. Currently, the University has 20 faculties encompassing the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities and offers 37 fields of studies. The scientific profile of the University has been shaped by the structural, financial and organizational priorities aiming at promoting forefront research of Europe and world science. The University promotes interdisciplinary approaches - integrating research methods from diverse fields, and facilitates creation of multidisciplinary research teams able to tackle combined projects, exceeding the competences of individual departments or institutes.

Digital Economy LAB (DeLab) joins different disciplines and scientific communities in order to act for new information and communication technologies. It is an initiative of several faculties of the University of Warsaw: The Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, The Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, The Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Google company which supports the project strategically and financially.

DELab UW is divided into two parts: the research zone and the action zone. The former regards research in social sciences and humanities. The latter is responsible for experimenting with the entrepreneurship, connecting the bridges between learning and business and as well as research associated with that area . What connects those two zones is the subject matter of modern technologies.


e-mail: een(at)
address: ul. Dobra 56/66, 00-312 Warszawa
tel.: + 48 22 55 27 606
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3. Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (Instytut Mechanizacji Budownictwa i Górnictwa Skalnego)
The Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (IMBIGS), established in 1951, is an interdisciplinary, scientific research unit. The Institute conducts research, development and experimental activities within the framework of an implementation of mechanization and automation into the industry, construction, rock mining and waste management. IMBiGS disseminate and implement new technological, technical and organizational solutions into business practice.

The Institute has a branch in Katowice- Waste and Environmental Management Center, which is the subject of scientific activities, research, Implementation, consulting and training solutions for the waste management system with particular emphasis on environmental and economic issues. Center’s Staff is a group of experts with substantial experience in solving technological, legal, economic, organizational, and management of waste concerned problems including cooperation with government units.

In the area of Waste Management the Institute focuses on the activities, which implement technologies that reduce the amount of waste (low waste, or non-waste technologies, called “clean” technologies), development of system solutions on national and regional levels, leading to the arrangement of industrial waste management, particularly where the “production” of waste causes serious environmental degradation, improvement of waste storage technologies in terms of minimizing its environmental impact, implementation of new waste disposal technologies, evaluations of environmental and economic effects of processing waste, etc.

Key technology areas :
• Mechanics of earth moving, construction, road-building, handling machinery and equipment;
• Mechanics of rock material mining and processing;
• Rational waste management systems and solutions taking into consideration ecology and
• Techniques and technologies of rational waste management;
• Ecodevelopment and environmental management in processing raw materials and recycling of waste and recovery of valuable waste components;
• Ergology, and in particular protection of man against noise and vibration, smoke and dust pollution;
• Operational safety of machines and equipment;
• Industrial and product standardization;
• Information activity forecasting, including regulatory, economic and organizational aspects.

Selected technology and implementation:
• CRT recycling technology.
• Manufacturing technology that uses waste chalcedonies to produce formulations that improve physico-chemical properties and performance of building elements.
• Technology of lightweight aggregate manufacture from municipal and industrial waste
• Manufacturing technology of composite panels for construction from packaging waste.
• Technological line for forming brackets pallets for use in small plants.
• Technological line for production of concrete rings, designed for small and medium enterprises
• Innovative multi-purpose hydraulic vertical drilling for hydro geological and engineering works

The Institute is authorized by relevant state authorities to (among others):
• test and assess the quality of rock material and rock processed products, perform environmental and waste management assessments;
• grant product safety certificates to manufacturers;
• grant product certificates of conformity with a Polish Standard or other reference document;
• quality systems certification for conformity with ISO 9001:2000;
• certification of waste management services;
• coordinate, control and train operators of earth-moving, building, road-building and other machines and equipment and maintain a central register of issued licenses;
• confer PhD degrees (in the field of mechanical engineering and operation);
• apply for awarding the professor degree.

Accredited testing laboratories and certification
The Institute conducts safety tests of construction, rock mining and waste and aggregate processing machines and equipment. The laboratories are accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA): the Construction and Mining Equipment Research Laboratory IMBiGS PCA accreditation no. AB 049, the Waste Research Laboratory holds PCA accreditation no. AB 236. The accreditations are the evidence that the laboratories meet all the requirements in their respective scopes, which ensures high quality, reliability and objectivity of conducted tests. Suitable equipment ensures professional testing irrespective of the level of complexity.


e-mail: een(at)
address: ul. Racjonalizacji 6/8, 02-673 Warszawa
tel.: + 48 22 847 53 68
Organigram and contact details


Łódzkie Voivodship

Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (Fundacja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości w Łodzi)
The Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Lodz (FPE) is a strong advisory, information and training center. It works for the integration of business society, innovation, business – HEIs and R&D centers cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, building knowledge-based economy and European integration.

As a partner and coordinator, the FPE has been directing pilot programmes for 25 years in fields such as modern management, export expansion, IPR, promotion of science and the achievements of research teams, CSR, adaptation of university programmes to the needs of the economy and mobility in the EU.

It provides consulting services to support innovation, including technology and innovation audits, establishing business and technology partnerships, as well as international and domestic technology transfer. FPE promotes the innovative solutions of Polish companies on the European market. It provides training courses for senior and middle management in the fields of strategic planning, innovative entrepreneurship, modern company management, managing change, and new methods of sales improvement. FPE is Ambassador of EU OSHA and EU IPR Helpdesk and plays a role of contact point of the EEN Central Poland consortium with the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU.


e-mail: fundacja(at)
address: ul. Piotrkowska 86, 90-103 Łódź
tel.: + 48 42 630 36 67
Pomorskie Voivodship
"Free Entrepreneurship" Association (Stowarzyszenie "Wolna Przedsiębiorczość") 

We are a Polish non-profit non-governmental organization. Our main objective is to support and assist the development of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). We help to establish, grow, innovate and expand companies from their start to matureness. We are also involved in labour market interventions, providing support for the unemployed – helping them either to start a company or to gain skills required for new jobs and find employment.

Our services include:

  • training & consultancy (business development training and advice; vocational courses);
  • innovation-related services (technology audit and transfer, science & business cooperation);
  • business information (Polish and EU law; EU funds; grants & loans);
  • export promotion (trade missions, B2B meetings, business partner search);
  • accounting services;
  • occupational safety and health services;
  • business start-up support (business plans, grants & loans);
  • vocational counselling and career development (for business start-ups and job seekers);
  • job brokerage.


e-mail: een(at)
address: Al. Niepodległości 797B, 81-810 Sopot
tel.: + 48 58 785 39 56-5


Kujawsko-pomorskie Voivodship

Torun Regional Development Agency (Toruńska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego)

Torun Regional Development Agency (TRDA) since 1995 plays a role of a leading business support organisation in Kuyavian-Pomeranian. It is a non-profit organization with major local government capital. TRDA offers professional and comprehensive support at every level of business activity e.g. it:
• Gives grants and advisory support to entrepreneurs both young and those who are more experienced,
• Supports in implementing new technologies and innovative solutions,
• Organizes trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences that show how to professionally and effectively run business,
• Gives free consultations on financial support from European funds, external financing and legal procedures,
• Supports enterprises going international,
• Prepares strategies for development and business plans for entrepreneurs and local authorities.

In 2005 TRDA created Torun Technology Park (TTP), which nowadays also lies in the structure of TRDA. There are 55 entrepreneurs operating in the Park (representing mainly ICT, data communications and electrical engineering sector) having access to comprehensive infrastructure. About 50% of TTP’s tenants run innovative, research and development activities. In 2013 TTP was created modern data centre offering cloud computing services with a comprehensive and flexible IT solutions using technologically advanced infrastructure ( EXEA Data Centre). In 2014 was opened the first in the region incubator for new technologies (Smart Space) for development of young tech companies and start-ups.


e-mail: een(at)
adress: ul. Włocławska167, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 699 54 80-83
Organigram and contact details



Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship

Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (Regionalne Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii)
address: ul. Jagiellońska 20-21, 70-363 Szczecin
tel. (+ 48 91) 449 43 54
e-mail: transfer(at)

West Pomerania Economic Development Association – Szczecin Business Centre (Zachodniopomorskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Gospodarczego - Szczecińskie Centrum Przedsiębiorczości)
address: ul. Kolumba 86, 70-035 Szczecin
tel. (+ 48 91) 433 02 20
e-mail: een(at)

Lubuskie Voivodship

Centre for Enterprise and Technology Transfer, University of Zielona Gora (Centrum Przedsiębiorczości i Transferu Technologii Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego)
address: ul. Syrkiewicza 6, 66-002 Nowy Kisielin
tel. (+ 48) 504 070 281
e-mail: cptt(at)

Wielkopolskie Voivodship

Business Incubator Centre in Kalisz (Fundacja Kaliski Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości)
address: ul. Częstochowska 25, 62-800 Kalisz
tel. (+ 48 62) 765 60 58
e-mail: een(at)

Regional Development Agency in Konin (Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. w Koninie)
address: ul. Zakładowa 4, 62-510 Konin
tel. (+ 48 63) 245 30 95
e-mail: een(at)

The Poznań Science and Technology Park of the UAM Foundation (Poznański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Fundacji Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza)
address: ul. Rubież 46, 61-612 Poznań
tel. (+ 48 61) 827 97 46
e-mail: een(at)

Dolnosląskie Voivodship

The Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency (Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.)
address: ul. Szczawieńska 2, 58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój
tel. (+ 48 74) 64 80 450
e-mail: een(at)

Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer (Wrocławskie Centrum Transferu Technologii - Politechnika Wrocławska)
address: ul. Smoluchowskiego 48, 50-372 Wrocław
tel. (+ 48 71) 320 33 18
e-mail: wctt(at)

Opolskie Voivodship

Association „Business Promotion” in Opole (Stowarzyszenie „Promocja Przedsiębiorczości" w Opolu)
address: ul. Damrota 4, 45-064 Opole
tel. (+ 48 77) 456 56 00
e-mail: een(at)


Śląskie Voivodship

Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development (Górnośląska Agencja Przedsiębiorczości i Rozwoju sp. z o.o.)
address: ul. Wincentego Pola 16, 44-100 Gliwice
tel. (+48 32) 33 93 110
e-mail: een(at)

Upper Silesian Fund Branch in Katowice (Fundusz Górnośląski S.A. Oddział w Katowicach)
address: ul. Powstańców 17, 40-039 Katowice
tel. (+ 48 32) 728 58 28-29 lub (+ 48 32) 728 58 65
e-mail: enterprise(at)oddział

Świętokrzyskie Voivodship

Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (Świętokrzyskie Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii)
address: al. Solidarności 34, 25-323 Kielce
tel. (+ 48 41) 343 29 10
e-mail: een(at)

The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Staropolska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa)
address: ul. Sienkiewicza 53, 25-002 Kielce
tel. (+ 48 41) 368 02 78
e-mail: een(at)

Małopolskie Voivodship

Technology Transfer Centre Cracow University of Technology (Centrum Transferu Technologii Politechnika Krakowska)
address: ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków
tel. (+ 48 12) 628 28 45 or (+ 48 12) 628 20 45

Cracow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa w Krakowie)
address: ul. Floriańska 3, 31-019 Kraków
tel. (+ 48 12) 428 92 66 or (+ 48 12) 428 92 54
e-mail: een(at)

Podkarpackie Voivodship

Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.)
address: ul. Szopena 51, 35-959 Rzeszów
tel. (+ 48 17) 867 62 34
e-mail: een(at)

The Aviation Valley Association (Stowarzyszenie Grupy Przedsiębiorców Przemysłu Lotniczego "Dolina Lotnicza")
address: ul. Szopena 51, 35-959 Rzeszów
tel. (+ 48 17) 850 19 35
e-mail: info(at)

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie)
address: ul. Sucharskiego 2, 35-225 Rzeszów
tel. (+ 48 17) 852 49 75
e-mail: een(at)


Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship

Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie)
address: ul. Prawocheńskiego 9, 10-720 Olsztyn
tel. (+ 48 89) 523 39 00
e-mail: een-olsztyn(at)

Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency (Warmińsko-Mazurska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. w Olsztynie)
address: Plac Gen. Józefa Bema 3, 10-516 Olsztyn
tel. (+ 48 89) 521 12 62
e-mail: een(at)

Podlaskie Voivodship

Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (Podlaska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego)
address: ul. Starobojarska 15, 15-073 Białystok
tel. (+ 48 85) 740 86 83
e-mail: pfrr(at)

The Science and Technology Park Poland–East in Suwalki (Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Polska Wschód w Suwałkach Sp. z o.o.)
address: ul. Innowacyjna 1, 16-400 Suwałki
tel. (+ 48 87) 564 22 24-25
e-mail: een(at)

Lubelskie Voivodship

Lublin Development Foundation (Lubelska Fundacja Rozwoju)
address: ul. Rynek 7, 20-111 Lublin
tel. (+ 48 81) 528 53 11-12
e-mail: een(at)

Lublin Centre for Technology Transfer Lublin University of Technology (Lubelskie Centrum Transferu Technologii Politechniki Lubelskiej)
address: ul. Nadbystrzycka 36, 20-618 Lublin
tel. (+ 48 81) 538 42 70
e-mail: een(at)

Enterprise Europe Network

Flaga Unii Europejskiej Ministerstwo Rozwoju Pracy i Technologii

Strona współfinansowana przez Komisję Europejską i Ministerstwo Rozwoju, Pracy i Technologii ze środków budżetu państwa. Projekt Enterprise Europe Network – Central Poland jest współfinansowany przez Komisję Europejską ze środków pochodzących z programu COSME (na lata 2014–2020) na podstawie umowy o udzielenie dotacji nr 649259 – EEN-CP oraz ze środków budżetu państwa w ramach Programu Wieloletniego „Udział Polski w Programie na rzecz konkurencyjności przedsiębiorstw oraz małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw oraz w instrumentach finansowych programów UE wspierających konkurencyjność przedsiębiorstw, w latach 2015–2021".