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Autorzy: Eryk Rutkowski

The IT/ICT Sector in Poland - report 2023

Rodzaj publikacji: Raport

Rok wydania: 2023

Język: EN

ISBN: 978-83-7633-486-8

Wydawca: Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości


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‘The IT/ICT Sector in Poland’ report, prepared and published by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), summarizes the situation of the most innovative sector of the Polish economy. Published as part of a project co-financed by the European Union, the report contains updated statistical data and profiles of more than 400 Polish IT/ICT companies.

The strength of the information technology and telecommunications ecosystem in our country comes from talented people, prominent engineering, and computer science education. In the Polish ICT sector there are over 2500 companies employing ten or more people, and Polish programmers have long been in the world’s forefront of many influential rankings. We manufacture both hardware and software, including most advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. All of that is reflected in the revenues of the sector, and a strong position of the Polish ICT has already been established not only in the EU, but also overseas. For many years now the export of our ICT services has been growing, and our main recipients are the most demanding markets in the world.

Spis treści

  • Poland in figures
  • Polish ICT Industry
  • Much more than analytics – a powerful booster for social media teams - The success story of NapoleonCat
  • Global ICT Market overview
  • Drivers and trends shaping global ICT industry
  • Complex IT projects with higher profit margins – where the Polish software development industry is heading?
  • Export of ICT products
  • Agile Driven - The success story of Appstronauts
  • Export of IT and ICT services
  • When Artificial Intelligence synchronizes with drones - The success story of Dronehub
  • Polish ICT specialties
  • Polish IT/ICT companies and business support organizations

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