Autorzy: Eryk Rutkowski, Jakub Marszałkowski, Sławomir Biedermann

The game industry of Poland — Report 2021

Rodzaj publikacji: Report

Rok wydania: 2021

Język: EN


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The aim of the following publication is to outline the profi le of the Polish game development industry, its potential and strengths, with a special focus on the last pandemic months.

‘We have gone through some of the most difficult months in the development of innovative and creative economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has left an irreversible mark on many sectors of the global economy, forcing some companies to radically change their way of doing business. The pandemic has also made many previously lucrative activities unprofi table, creating a demand for completely new business solutions at the same time. Despite the undeniable diffi culties, game development has been one of the sectors that has not weakened, and has become stronger in many ways.’

Mateusz Morawiecki

Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Technology

Spis treści

  • The thriving game industry 
  • The Donkey's journey. The success story of Donkey Crew 
  • Employment, structure and export potential 
  • The most gamer-friendly place on Earth. The success story of GOG.COM
  • Trends, strengths, and growth factors of the Polish game industry 
  • Big, bigger, HUUUGE. The success story of HUUUGE Games
  • The game market in Poland
  • Sometimes you have to fall before you fly. The success story of People Can Fly
  • Methodology and data sources 
  • Linguistic lighthouse to ship your game globally. The success story of Roboto Global
  • Companies catalog

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